Personal Chef Services

Personal or Private Chef Services:

Too tired to cook? Want to add more Fruits, Veggies, Legumes and Whole Grains to your diet but not sure where to begin? Allow me to help! I offer Private Chef Services in your home for individual or family meals, dinner parties and more. I can cook whatever your family likes, enough for the week or one meal with friends.


Special Culinary Services: Besides being trained in traditional and classical cuisine, I am an accomplished Vegan and Raw Foods Chef. 

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What people are saying about our services: 


"It has been wonderful to be able to stock my fridge with healthy options that taste wonderful! Especially after a long day of work it is so nice to know that I have a ready made meal that is good for me waiting at home!"


"I love the fact that your dishes use a variety of ingredients that I would normally either not stock at home or not be able to find in other "take-out". "


."  ...all of your food is so tasty and healthy.  makes my life happy to have your meals handy to heat and not have to think about what I'm going to fix." 



MiMi McGee - HWC, CCE

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