From nutritional supplements to kitchen appliances, these products will enhance your life

and help you achieve optimal health. ​This page is under construction but will be completed soon!

Feel confident that you are getting the best supplements available anywhere from Dr. Fuhrman! I recommend the vinegars, nut butters and walking vest too! Really anything in his shop is TOP of the LINE! I use the Spicey Pecan Vinegar on almost everything. I take the Woman's Daily Support to be sure I'm covering my B12, D, calcium & Zinc levels. Click on Banner image for purchase or info.

Dr. Fuhrman's Weight Vest is the best I have seen on the market. Much better than those at Dick's Sporting Goods. Click on image for more information or to purchase.

 Love and Peas is a blend of 20 grams of pea protein (per serving) from split yellow peas and a host of other nourishing whole foods. 

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Nature’s Harvest drink mix packs powerful nutrition. It contains whole foods, greens, vegetable protein and many other nutrients.

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If you live in Glynn County, GA and would like to purchase my famous Nutritarian G-Bombs Burgers you can do it HERE! For a limited time only (until I return to Maine) G-Bombs Burgers can be custom-ordered in paks of 4 or 8 using PayPal. Thanks!!

MiMi McGee - HWC, CCE