Upcoming Wellness Adventures

Are you in need of a fantastic getaway?


With so much going on in our lives sometimes we need the opportunity to step out and reconnect with ourselves. Our Adventures provide the ultimate wellness escapes. Liberate yourself from the stresses encountered with modern-day living and discover new reserves of energy, a deeper sense of self and reconnect with your passion for life!


On these getaways, you will awaken your senses, allowing you to feel alive and refreshed. Discover new sources of energy and vitality through an experience that can transform your life!

Whether its "Glamping" on Cumberland Island, Georgia or backpacking to a remote mountain top Lodge in Maine, our Adventures are professionally staffed with an experienced team, which enables your experience to be a enjoyable as possible.


NAMA-Stay Yoga and Wellness 
Stafford Place, Cumberland Island

SPRING 2017!

This life enhancing experience will give you the chance to immerse yourself in a beautiful natural setting, eat organic, clean and WHOLE foods, play and have fun, move and connect with your body through daily yoga & meditations, treat yourself with optional spa treatments, make heartfelt connections with other like-minded people, be inspired, nourish yourself, expand your awareness, belly laugh and rediscover your passion so you can go home rested with a new perspective and gratitude for your life.


Kayak Adventure
Stafford Place, Cumberland Island

COMING IN APRIL - Join us as we team up with Southeast Adventure Outfitters and paddle from Crooked River State Park to Cumberland Island! 

Borestone Mountain Wilderness Adventure

OCTOBER 2017!!!

MiMi McGee - HWC, CCE